Many of us can ride a bike, but here in San Angelo is a death wish.

I dream of a commute to work on a bike, skateboard, or skates. The annual savings on gas, the increase of exercise, and a connection with the outdoors. What negative notion could arise from this?

Well to begin, we hardly have sidewalks. There are sidewalks where foot traffic is high. Like downtown... That's all I can think of, maybe a few residential areas, but that's it.

Traffic during rush hour is high, 85-year-olds going 25, and 25-year-olds going 85 making traffic flow dangerous. (ASU, The loop, Knickerbocker, Sherwood Way, Bryant... etc.)

But what are the positives to adding bike lanes in San Angelo?

  • Bike Lanes provide a supplement of transportation
  • Lanes allow bicyclists to move at their own speed and not slow traffic.
  • Bike Lanes get cyclists off the sidewalks and streets.
  • Bike lanes help stop global warming by providing a real, healthy option to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • People on bikes are 50% more likely to stop in local businesses
  • Bike lanes means one less car on the road during rush hour.

What do you think?

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