A local law firm is trying a unique new method to prevent Drunk Driving and raise awareness of this serious problem.


This weekend attorney Rick DeHoyos is offering the opportunity for anyone at the Rodeo that has a little too much to "Get a ride from Rick".

DeHoyos explains "We represent the victims of DUI accidents. So, we see the devastation they can cause. But it is so easy to prevent. This is a new way to send an old message, and if just one person makes a better choice, that would be great."

The DeHoyos firm has partnered with Red Ball Taxi. Those eligible can call Red Ball from the fairgrounds this Friday or Saturday night and say "I'm getting a ride from Rick". Red Ball will take them to a safe destination at a reduced rate, and provide them a receipt to send to DeHoyos to be reimbursed up to $20.

Red Ball owner Max Jacobs explains "We are glad to take part in this. The $20 Rick will reimburse covers most any fare from the coliseum to town. We hope that if nothing else, it reminds people that Red Ball is here to give them a safe alternative to driving when they shouldn't."

For more information go to LawOfficesOfRickDeHoyos.com

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