After saying the Dallas Cowboys are "going all in" in regards to preparing for next season, owner Jerry Jones has failed to make any moves as other NFL teams are stacking their rosters. Here is my open letter to the owner of 'America's Team'.

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Dear Jerry Jones,

How's that whole "going all in" thing going? I couldn't help but notice that while other teams are adding quality talent to their rosters, you seem to be sitting there twiddling your thumbs.

So far, we've lost our running back as Tony Pollard moves on to the Tennessee Titans. Potential defensive line beast Dorance Armstrong joins former coach Dan Quinn who moved on to the NFC East rival Washington Commanders.

We've watched as top running backs like Saquan Barkley, Josh Jacobs, D'Andre Swift, and Derrick Henry signed with other teams while we let our running back go.

What have the Cowboys done so far? Oh, we signed our long snapper.

You have consistently passed over so many great pieces that would fit the championship puzzle in Dallas. While we have been able to get top-tier players like Cee Dee Lamb and Micah Parsons, it just seems that we are always missing a few pieces that would take us over the top.

Since our last Super Bowl win in 1995, the Dallas Cowboys have had a total of 5 playoff wins. Think about that for a second. Five playoff wins in almost 3 decades.

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Granted some weird stuff has happened a few times in the playoffs like Tony Romo's fumble against Seattle, or Dez's "non-catch" against Green Bay.

The bottom line is that you are not doing anything to help this team. If anything, you are hurting them with your insanely uncalculated guesses at talent, particularly with coaching.

While your marketing skills have propelled the Dallas Cowboys to one of the most popular teams in all sports, your shoddy decisions have left fans fuming.

Jerry, we've literally become the joke of the NFL now. Teams have no reason to fear us other than Micah Parsons. We're never aggressive when it comes to free agency, we have a coach that can't motivate the team during crunch time and moves you do make always seem to come back and bite us in the butt.


Sir, it is time to hang it up. You are doing no good for our team. As fans, we pay thousands of dollars in merchandise and tickets only to be disappointed year after year.

Do us all a favor, and sell the team or hand over the keys to someone who knows how to drive the Dallas Cowboys. Please?


A dedicated Dallas Cowboys fan.

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