(Belton, Texas) - We'll just go ahead and say it - if you missed Bell County Comic Con, plan to attend next year. The two day event was full of guests, costumes to be in awe of, and of course, wallets suddenly becoming empty because of all the cool merchandise available.

But for those who missed it, there were some very interesting guests that took the panel stage as well. The celebrity panels are always a fun highlight, so we took our camera, sat up front, and even got to ask some questions to the guest themselves!

These were our favorite panels, uploaded here for your viewing pleasure in case you were too busy walking the con to attend or didn't get to go this year.

Be sure to scroll down to see lots of pics of some of this year's best cosplay too!

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Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey Butler from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) at the Bell County Comic Con

Joseph Marcell (AKA Geoffrey Butler from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) shared his favorite memories of working on the show, two touching stories about co-star James Avery (Uncle Phil), and a glimpse at what might have been if his part on Doctor Who had become a recurring role.

Amy 'Lita' Dumas WWE Panel at Bell County Comic Con 2023

WWE Hall of Famer Lita talked about the highlights of her career, how she got into the biz, and her biggest regret during a fantastic Q&A panel at this year's Bell County Comic Con.

My Hero Academia + Demon Slayer Voice Actors Panel at Bell County Comic Con 2023

Legendary anime voice actor Sonny Strait (best known for voicing Krillin in Dragon Ball and Present Mic in My Hero Academia) joined Bryce Papenbrook (Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, and Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir) and Amber Lee Connors (My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, RWBY) for a hilarious and inspiring Q&A panel about all things voice acting and directing.

(Note: Please pardon the error in the nameplate. J. Michael Tatum was unable to attend, and Sonny Strait was kind enough to join in his place.)

So those are some of the best panels we saw, but what about the costumes? We've got you covered!

RECOGNIZE ANYONE?: These Are Some of Our Favorite Cosplays From Bell County Comic Con 2023

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The Bell County Comic Con always has always brought fantastic guests to Central Texas. But who do we want most to appear? Here's a few suggestions.

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