A Little League team from Tarrant County, Texas is currently searching for answers after they were ruled out of the tournament for a unspecified reason. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

Tarrant County Team's Great Season Derailed

As reported by NBC DFW, the team's season was one of great success. So much so, that the team was undefeated throughout the year. However, parents of the players believe that's were the issues began.

Various allegations of the players not living in the same required area, or the children being above the age limit were brought to attention. But, they were quickly dismissed via evidence, per assistant coach Cyle Brossman:

"Water bills and all kinds of things that you have to bring to substantiate your residency, and we took care of that as well."

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The problems however continued.

Team Removed From Tournament With No Clear Reason Given


Complaints continued, and eventually, they made their way to the Little League International Office, located in Pennsylvania. The office contacted the president of the league in Texas, and following that call, the team was removed from the tournament.

NBC DFW contacted Little League International, and was provided with a statement:

"A protest was filed with the Little League International Tournament Committee by another league participating in the Texas District 7 Tournament. As the role of the Tournament Committee is to review situations that arise at all levels of the tournament and ensure Little League rules, regulations, and policies have been implemented, the Tournament Committee reviewed the information provided in the protest, and subsequently discussed it directly with the League President, after which the Fossil Creek Little League team in question voluntarily withdrew from the Tournament. This withdrawal was accepted by the Tournament Committee and the Texas District 7 Little League Baseball tournament proceeded on June 19, 2024, without the withdrawn team. As such, Little League International considers this matter closed"

At time of writing, no reason has been provided. As this is a developing story, we will have more information if provided.

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