Tuesday evening, Jordan Berry appeared exclusively on Pratt on Texas to refute allegations made against State Senator Charles Perry (R- Lubbock, pictured left).  Earlier on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that Cyndi Ortiz filed a restraining order against Perry from Creek County, Oklahoma.

Ortiz previously worked as a political consultant in Lubbock before moving to Oklahoma to work as an adult entertainer.

Berry told Robert Pratt, the host of Pratt on Texas, that Ortiz has a history of falsely accusing elected officials of harassment.

"The accusations started in 2011," he said. "And the first written correspondence that I have was she was accusing other people in Lubbock, one of them being a doctor, of harassment."

Berry continued, stating that Ortiz's specific allegations against Senator Perry were even more outrageous.

"With Senator Perry, she's actually accused him of hacking into her computer. Recruiting her neighbors to spy on her. Hacking into her social media and e-mail accounts; placing microphones in her bedroom," said Berry.

All that being said, Berry explained there's a reason why no prior legal action had been taken action Ortiz for making false accusations against Perry.

"Here's the deal, we want to show her a little grace because she's sick," he said. "But at some point, Charles has to be protected and you can't allow someone to do things like this."

Later on in the interview, Berry essentially stated that Ortiz shopped for a judge to issue the restraining order.

"Previously she had pulled this stunt in the Denton area and the Denton law enforcement contacted [Senator Perry]," said Berry. He continued: "Perry simply said this [harassment from Ortiz] has been going on for awhile."

No restraining order against Senator Perry was filed from a judge in Denton County.

Concerning the filing of the restraining order, Berry said: "Now, [Ortiz] has reappeared in Oklahoma which is news to us and yes, she went to a judge without filling out a police report, she gone to a judge and asked for a protection order."

Berry said they will ask Ortiz to prove two things in court: "Is there any evidence that [Senator Perry] has been to Oklahoma recently?" and "Is there any evidence of the claims (of harassment) you are making?"

Berry went on to state that a hearing is supposed to be held early next week in Oklahoma.

Berry also stated that evidence of harassment from Ortiz to Perry, dating back to 2011, has been turned over to Lubbock County District Attorney Matt Powell.

KAMC News reports that Powell in turn has turned over the information to the Texas Rangers so they can conduct their own investigation and also investigate if any crimes have been perpetrated against Senator Perry.

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