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This is an amazing story.

A three-year-old Texas boy who was reported missing last Wednesday was found alive on Saturday morning miles from his home.  According to KPRC-TV:

The child’s family told deputies Christopher went missing moments after returning home with his mother and grandmother -- the trio had been out running errands. As the women were unloading the car, the boy, who was wearing a bright green shirt and Mickey Mouse shoes, chased a neighbor’s puppy out of sight of the adults. When the dog returned and Christopher did not, the family and their neighbors began searching for him. After about 20 minutes with no luck, the family contacted the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office for assistance.

Deputies, assisted by multiple K-9 units, responded and conducted a ground search through the evening and into the night. Several additional agencies and over a hundred volunteers soon joined the search. Christopher was finally found Saturday, near FM 1486 north of Highway 249 -- several miles from his home.

Kudos to all involved in the search for this missing boy and thank God he was found alive. I cannot imagine what it was like for this young boy to be alone and away from his family for four days. It's incredible that he was able to survive on his own for so long.

Christopher is on his way to recovery and could be released from the hospital as early as today.

An update or Christopher Ramirez shows that he has been improving at the hospital and doing very well. Sgt. Martha Smith of the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office who has been with the Ramirez family throughout this ordeal reports from the hospital that he more than likely will be released on Monday 11 October 2021 and return home.

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