Well, we all know that the movie "It" has been in theaters scaring the pants off of viewers for a couple of seasons now (Part 1, then Part 2). Some people love taking the film's popular red balloons and tieing them to a sewer culvert or local storm drain in time for Halloween.

Spooky Halloween fun or Illegal activity? Well, it's kinda both. As you can see in the video above, a police officer in West saw just that.

Darryl Barton, Chief of Police, said "We don't want to be 'the Grinch who stole Halloween', but we do want you to be mindful of what you're doing." Barton said it was one of his officers who snapped the photos of Pennywise near W. Elm Street and Reagan Street in West.

Barton told KWTX News 10, "Officer Mayfield came in, showed me the picture on his cell phone of the red balloon over the culvert, and when you look closely you could see the clown." Rissa Shaw's story highlights the importance of keeping Halloween decorations off of the public property. Want to go nuts at home? Do it. Feel like running down the city streets at night throwing decorations on park benches, statues, and manhole covers? Well, now we may have a problem. The officers in West bring up a great point. Your "It" balloons could clog up the sewers or end up being eaten by a duck (or whatever). If you want to have fun with decorations, police ask that you keep it in your own yard this Halloween.

Police say possible citations could include littering, criminal mischief, criminal trespassing and more.

Have fun with your Halloween decorations and remember to enjoy the fun safely. Just keep them on your own property.


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