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We all hate paying bills. It's no fun, but it's what we must do. You get a service, and you must pay for that service.

When it comes to paying bills, residents of San Angelo pay less than the national and Texas average. This is good news, but if you live in Midland, you are above the national and Texas average when it comes to paying your bills.

The web site has compiled the average cost of household bills for American cities. The site says we pay an average of $1615 a month on household bills in San Angelo. That amount is below the national average of $1889 a month and the Texas average of $1888 per month according to the web site.

The site factors in average monthly costs for mortgage, rent, auto loan, auto insurance, utilities, health insurance, life insurance, cable & satellite, and mobile phone to determine the average.

In looking at the San Angelo numbers, says consumers in San Angelo pay less than the national average for a mortgage, rent, auto insurance, utilities, health insurance, life insurance, and cable & satellite. We pay more than the average for auto loans and mobile phone services.

The San Angelo average of $1615 a month is just behind Granbury which pays an average of $1622 per month and just ahead of Abilene which pays an average of $1605 per month. San Angelo ranks as the 28th highest in the state for average household bills.

Near the top of the list is Midland, which pays an average of $2027 in average monthly household bills. That's more than $400 than San Angelo for a town just a couple of hours to the west of us. Wow!

Austin tops the list in Texas at an average cost of $2300. What's surprising to me is that the small town of Brenham is 2nd on the list with an average cost of $2182? Really? Is it because of all the ice cream they make there?

If you'd like to see how San Angelo stacks up with the rest of the state of Texas, check out the numbers at the web site here.

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