Goodfellow Air Force Base has announced that Space Force 1st Lt. Robert Freeman is the leader of the newly activated U.S. Space Force unit now on the base. It's the 533rd TRS Det. 1 a separate unit that belongs to the Space Force Training and Readiness Command at the geographically separated Vandenberg Space Base, California.

According to a Press release from Goodfellow AFB:  “The link between space and intelligence, Vandenberg Space Base and Goodfellow AFB, is historic,” said Cooper. “We can globally project power to defend our national interests in a moment’s notice because we can harness the ultimate high ground.”

The U.S. Space Force is a unit of the military that sets imaginations running wild.  You can hardly turn on cable t.v. without hearing about Ancient Aliens or UFO's in the skies. The top secret intelligence that is gathered at Goodfellow AFB keeps us all safe from enemies far and wide.

Now, that might even include very far and wide, like lightyears away.  It makes perfect sense.  Here are five good reasons why West Texas would be a great place for First Contact with Alien Civilizations.


5 Reasons W. Texas is Perfect for Alien 1st Contact

5 Reasons Why West Texas Perfect for Meeting aliens

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