We are now officially into Spring which means we are also into the Spring allergy season and the problems it can present.

Allergies become more problematic with West Texas wind and dust which we experience on a regular basis and especially at this time of year.

Speaking about allergies, Dr. Raphael Nwojo, an ear, nose, and throat specialist at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa said...“Springtime is usually trees, summer is usually pollen, and then, wintertime is more of weeds, ragweed is a big one. It makes you itch, it makes your eyes red. It makes the tissue swell, you know, when they are exposed to something they are allergic to. They have this itching, congestion, runny nose response. A steroid spray will do the job of an antihistamine and all the other cytokines that are not common that the laypeople won’t hear about, including Flonase and Nasacort & most of them are over-the-counter now.” said Nwojo.

There are all kinds of antihistamine and allergy medications on the market to treat those runny noses, itchy red eyes along with congestion as well as other symptoms. If you have allergy problems that are severe enough, you can even take shots to help control them.

I personally am allergic to a number of trees and grasses and years ago, my doctor suggested that I use a steroid nasal spray which at that time he had to prescribe for me. Now, some of those, as Dr. Nwojo said, are available over the counter like Flonase which is the one I take and it even comes in a generic brand.

Dr. Lawrence Voeseck with Odessa Regional Medical Center said..."Allergies are present all year long, however there are different things that can spark someone's allergies. Typically in this area (West Texas) the wind blows from all four directions. If you watch the weather it will show you sometimes it blows in from the south bringing in cedar, sometimes it comes in from the north bringing in dust storms, it comes in from the east & it comes in from the west."

I wish you well and good health in dealing with any allergies you may experience. There are a lot of helpful medications and suggestions that may very well work for you!

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