A new study has been released that shows gun violence cuts African-Americans' life expectancy rate by four years or more.

The study was led by a professor at Boston University and it found that between 2000 and 2017, black Americans died more frequently due to homicides among younger ages according to Vibe.

The lead author of the study Bindu Kalesan, said in the BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine Journal,

Our study using cumulative data from 2000 to 2016 demonstrates a total firearm life expectancy loss of 905.2 days, which is nine times greater than observed in 2000, indicating increasing life expectancy loss by year.

Journalist Nick Wing of the Huffington Post also included that in one study calculated in the 2000s, concluded that shootings reduced the average American life span by about 100 days, with a significant gap between black and white men:  Black men lost 361.5 days, while white men lost 150.7 days.

These reports show that the study is a clear indication of the racial gap plaguing people of color in relation to the inherent violence suffered through life.



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