The grieving widow of a Texas man placed the blame of her husband's death on those who refuse to wear a mask, the President, and the Texas governor. 72-year-old Stacy Nagy is still mourning the death of her beloved husband, 79-year-old David Nagy but she refuses to let his death be in vain. She wrote a scathing obituary after his death, where she named President Donald Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott among others for the early death of her spouse. Her words are filled with the pain she feels after losing her life partner, and they have now gone viral.

David Nagy was hospitalized back in March after a fall then went to a Texas nursing home to recover. It was at that nursing home he contracted the coronavirus. According to Buzzfeed News, David suffered from a variety of pre-existing conditions including heart problems, diabetes, and was showing signs of early-stage dementia. His wife would visit him daily while he was in the nursing home, standing outside his window and the couple would yell back and forth to one another. After contracting COVID, he was sent to the hospital, where she could only see him through a sliding glass door. He passed away on July 22nd. After his death, Stacy channeled her rage into a short but blistering obituary, where she placed the blame for her husband's death squarely on the should of President Trump, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and all the people who continue to ignore mask mandates. She wrote the obituary to let those people know they're the killers of not just David, but everyone who has now died of the coronavirus. You can read more of Stacy Nagy's statement at Buzzfeed News.

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