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This story just cracks me up so much.

A substitute teacher at an Austin high school decided to bring a karaoke machine to his classroom. He was captured by a student belting out a Britney Spears song apparently out of the blue right in the middle of class.

Television station KXAN in Austin reported the substitute was asked to leave the campus after his karaoke incident. According to KXAN-TV:

AISD confirmed the teacher brought a karaoke machine to the class. AISD said the teacher didn’t have a formal AISD badge but was checked in through the front office through the visitor system, and that includes a background check.

“All processes were followed, it was simply a case of a substitute not following our practices,” AISD said.

The story goes on to say that the substitute went to another high school in the district and performed the same stunt. KXAN says he possibly sang Lady Gaga at his next assignment.

Who in their right mind does this? I mean, can anybody just bring a karaoke machine to their place of work? Hmm, maybe this might be the start of a trend. Who knows? Crazier trends have been started on TikTok.

I have not heard if this guy has been labeled the "Singing Substitute" yet. He looks like he has worn out his welcome in the Austin Independent School District. I wonder if he might look for a job in another district. Perhaps could he head west to the San Angelo ISD with his karaoke machine in tow? Do you think he would be given the heave-ho here?

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