One of San Angelo's most popular art attractions that celebrates the arts throughout the year has just changed owners.

The Chicken Farm's beginning dates back to 1971 when Roger Allen, an accomplished artisan, started it. Years later in 1985, Roger met Jerry Warnell who also shared a passion for art. They became good friends, and Warnell worked with Allen for over 30 years.

Roger Allen passed in 2019 and left a lot of the ownership of the Chicken Farm to Warnell and his wife, Susan. That gave the Warnells a lot to think about because they're considering retirement.

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They started looking for new owners and turned a number of offers down as they were wanting someone who shared their passion for the arts to purchase it and carry on the tradition that the Chicken Farm has always been about.

That hope was realized when they met a couple named Chasity and Juston Oakes, who had expressed their love with the art center while on a date night at the Silo House Restaurant. Chasity and Juston moved to San Angelo a couple of years ago and were looking for the right opportunity to invest in and establish roots in our community. When The Chicken Farm Art Center came up for sale, their dream was realized.

“If we could have hand picked two new people to take over the Chicken Farm, we couldn’t have done any better,” Warnell told Concho Valley Homepage about the deal

The couple said their goal is to keep Roger Allen’s legacy alive, while also putting their own spin on the place by bringing in even more artist and adding more bed and breakfast locations. They also want to open their facilities for wedding receptions, birthday parties, family reunions and more events all while keep the integrity and the spirit of the art center that Allen created all those years ago.

For more information, you can visit the Chicken Farm Art Center's Facebook page or their official website.

Here's to wishing the best to Chasity and Juston Oakes and welcome to the Chicken Farm Art Center of San Angelo.

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