San Angelo is losing an iconic restaurant as Zentner’s Daughter on Knickerbocker Road Is closing on Dec. 31st. The Zentner name has been on great steak houses in and around San Angelo for close to 100 years.

Here is just a brief overview of some of the family’s restaurant business history:

John Zentner, father of Betty Zentner started his first restaurant – Lowake Inn in 1946. He proceded to open other restaurants out of the area as well.

John opened Zentner’s Steak House on Sherwood Way in 1954 which operated until Zentner’s Daughter opened.

Betty Zentner opened Zentner’s Daughter in 1974 and has continued to run it with her husband Bernay through all of these years. Betty was one of the first female restaurant owners to be inducted into the Texas Restaurant Association’s Hall of Fame. Bernay has served as president of the Texas Restaurant Association.

Betty Zentner has announced that the restaurant location will reopen but has not released the new owners name as of yet.

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