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Sometimes people need to think before they speak, especially those who work in government.

Case in point, the mayor of the city of Austin recently floated the idea of his city getting into the nightclub business. Here is a quote from Mayor Steve Adler in the Austin Monitor:

“What if the city bought a club, or a place for a club, and it was a training ground for managers, artists, barkeeps, and everybody in the industry? A real training ground, like going to Napa Valley and going to a culinary academy with the best restaurants, but everybody in there is learning and honing enough so they’ll be able to go out and open up their own restaurant. If we had a place like that that was underwritten and started getting people who don’t get to play in clubs and elsewhere some club opportunities, and the same for everybody in the industry, that is something that might be sustainable long-term for our city.”

What a moronic idea this is. I think the city's focus should be on public safety, utilities, or libraries, not wasting money trying to run a bar. Then think of the legal trouble the city could be exposed to if a training barkeep in one of these bars overserved a patron.

I mean, why stop there? Why not get into strip clubs while the mayor is at it? Shouldn't strippers have places to train in Austin? Judging by all the strip clubs in the capital city, it seems like the exotic dancer industry is just as popular as the live music scene in Austin.

So, what do you think? Is this a dumb idea from the mayor of Austin? Or maybe you think it's a brilliant idea. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or on our station app.

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