Whether you love Jackson Mahomes or not, he has done a fantastic job of promoting himself and he has a ton of loyal followers on social media. Mostly known for his Tiktok dances and famous older brother, Jackson at times has done things that has put him in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons but that doesn't mean other people have the right to throw insults at him. This past weekend Jackson's brother Patrick and his team the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Denver Broncos and before the game there was a fan that crossed the line.

Just like many other games prior to kickoff Jackson was hanging with Brittany on the field. Watching the video on Tiktok it just shows you that these two were doing nothing to deserve the insult that was thrown at Jackson before the game. Some jerk decided to say something to Jackson for absolutely no reason at all.

@phendo13 Watch Patrick Mahomes wifes reaction to “Mahomo”@jacksonmahomes ♬ original sound - Preston

Throwing Insults Doesn't Make You Look Cool Online

What was said to Jackson is insulting and disgusting. The guy did nothing to deserve the rude comment and then he takes his insult to social media and gets over 68,000 likes from his Tiktok video. Really? That many people think it's okay to say whatever you want to others. Just imagine if that was your friend or family member. It's not cool to make fun of someone else.

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Jackson Mahomes Didn't Respond

It seems as Jackson has learned from past mistakes and wouldn't even turn around after the insult was sent his way. But that didn't mean that Brittany didn't stand up for her brother-in-law and really good friend saying, "That's Rude." While I'm sure Brittany wanted to say more she had more class than to stoop to that fans level.

This is another example of people being jerks and thinking they look cool on social media because of it. But really they just look petty and like Brittany said rude.

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