Do you like to cook chili? We want to see you at the Water Valley Park this
weekend for the Valentine's Chili Cookoffs.

Chili Cook-off 1
Jim Parkin

Everyone is invited to come out for the Valentine's Chili Cookoffs this Saturday and Sunday at the Water Valley Park.

Saturday's cookoff will feature raffles, a Saturday night meal, and CASI competition chili cooking. Turn in is at 2pm, and if you love chili, stop by and be a chili judge starting at 2pm. Judging is free!

Sunday's cookoff features CASI competition chili cooking with turn in at Noon. If
you would like to judge, be at the park by Noon.

All proceeds benefit local charities and you're encouraged to enjoy Chili, Charity, and Fun this Saturday & Sunday.

For more information, call Janice at 650-1854 or learn about the wonderful world of chili cooking at There are award winning chili recipes, a list of upcoming chili cookoffs in this area and around the country, and much more.

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