Do you see now?! Do you see what happens when outsiders take our stuff? In case you need a reminder, Whataburger sold a majority ownership stake to a Chicago based investment company back in June of last year. Now, here we are folks. Just one year later, and things are already changing.

Whataburger was founded back in 1950 in Corpus Christi, TX. Its headquarters is in San Antonio, TX. But the owners are in Chicago? Yes. And one of the most recognizable things about Whataburger is being changed. They are doing away with the A-frame design of the buildings for a newer, modern look. You can see the new look by CLICKING HERE.

In response to the changing of the building design, senior vice president of real estate at Whataburger, James Turcotte said:

"We have gone to great lengths and effort to try to maintain the linkage to our past, because we know, particularly in Texas, that people's grandparents have eaten there, their parents have eaten there, they're eating there. We don't take that loyalty lightly at all. We're going to great lengths to try to make sure that they feel like the tradition of Whataburger is still there and being maintained, and we're being good stewards of the brand.

This isn't all that surprising though. The original A-frame building was torn down last year right after the Chicago based company bought it. You can find that ARTICLE HERE.

Out in front of that building, there used to be a plaque that said:

On this site March 21, 1961, Whataburger unveiled for the first time it's new "A"-Frame design. Because of the historical importance this unit represents, the integrity of its shape was maintained. After image enhancements were made, the store was rededicated June 10, 1996, to the service of the people of Odessa.

In response to the building being torn down, Whataburger posted on Facebook:

While we love the memories we had with our first A-Frame restaurant, we had to make some big changes to this location in order to deliver the best customer experience possible. We know change can be hard, but the good news is we’re reopening a brand-new restaurant later this year that will provide our customers with an even better Whataburger experience including improved parking and double drive-thru lanes. We look forward to unveiling a brand-new Whataburger restaurant and continuing to serve our Odessa community.

Okay, look, it's just the building design. As long as they don't mess with the actual food, we'll all be okay.

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