Patrick Mahomes is an elite NFL quarterback. He's an MVP and Super Bowl champion. He's thrown for a ton of touchdowns everywhere he's been and is incredibly athletic.

He just doesn't look very fast.

People make fun of him for his "old man jog" in between his incredible plays.

In a season coming off a Super Bowl loss and a bum ankle, Mahomes has been rehabbing hard and is starting to look...actually fast?

Here's a video from his trainer Bobby Stroupe showing Mahomes doing a scramble drill, running away from a simulated defensive end chasing him in figure eight. It's the reply below the post that really caught my eye.

Somebody said "sneaky fast," in obvious reference to the thought that Mahomes is a slow runner who's just very efficient. As I often say on Twitter, Mahomes is as fast as he needs to be.

20.6 miles per hour. That's really fast. Maybe not Tyreek Hill fast, but there's nothing sneaky about hitting nearly 21 miles per hour in cleats. Now, maybe the pads and football pants affect that a bit on the field, but I think we can all remember a time when Mahomes showed of his "fast, fast" speed on the field.

Having trouble remembering? How about a refresher. (The best version from Pat and John.)

Mahomes himself knows people call him slow, so after a rushing touchdown against the Raiders in 2019, Mahomes said, "I run scared, so I run fast enough."

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