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Career expert website Zippia released a list of the most and least popular international beers for each state in the U.S., and the results for the Lone Star State may be a little surprising.

It may not be surprising for many who enjoy beer, but I confess that it is not my drink of choice.

In the report, Zippia states, "In honor of International Beer Day on August 7th, we set out to find the most popular international beer in each state– plus the obscure fan favorite."

According to the Zippia Report, the most popular international beer for Texans is Modelo.


The least favorite imported beer according to the report is Dos Equis:


As someone who does like Modelo, I was a bit surprised that it happens to be the most popular international beer for Texas. But I was even more surprised that beer such as Heineken was the favorite in states such as Hawaii and West Virginia.

What do you think? Is the Zippia report accurate according to what you see as a Texan?

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