There's nothing like a card game with friends and family that gets your competitive juices flowing. You're probably interested to know what your state’s favorite game is.

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According to Spilsbury, a toy and game company they recently compiled a list of 26 of the top card games and had them analyzed through Google search volume over 12 months to determine the most popular card game in every state.

Here’s what they discovered.

  • In Texas, the most popular card game is Texas Hold 'Em, based on Google search volume over the past year. No surprise here!

  • Overall, the most popular card that came in the US is Spades, ranking #1 for search volume in 11 states including Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina.

  • At #2, Texas Hold ‘Em won a total of 5 states, followed by Old Maid and War.

  • There were regional differences: Texas Hold ‘Em won over the West, Spades took the South, Spoons won the Midwest, and Old Maid ranked #1 in the Northeast.

  • Arkansas its Spades
  • Louisiana its Spades
  • Oklahoma its War
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    Do you have any other card game you like to play that's not on this list?

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